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Welcome to North Field Farm

We are located in Lafayette, Colorado at Nyland Cohousing Community. Our commitment to community-based living is an integral part of our farm where we organically grow over 200 varieties of fresh produce each year. Not only do we grow produce for Nyland, we sell to local restaurants. In addition to growing food, we want to help others become successful home gardeners & farmers. 

We also grow hemp and have our very own Hemp CBD Oil available through our North Field Farmacy. You can purchase any of our high quality hemp products there and we ship to all 50 states for FREE. You can follow North Field Farmacy on Facebook or Instagram.

What's Happening?

Like and follow the farm on Facebook or Instagram stay up to date with all the fun things we are doing on the farm.

"The yield and the abundance from North Field Farm has been magic since year one. Those little veggies just want to grow and grow big! The variety is unusual too. I'm amazed at the quality of the produce. I think the farm and the community it is situated in are a match made in heaven."

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