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Welcome to North Field Farm

North Field Farm is permanently closed at Nyland Cohousing Community. After 13 amazing years, it was time for other adventures and to make way for new farmers in the community. The farm grew from the land and so did we, and what a beautiful run it was. Many thanks to all of you who supported the farm with your time, your sweat and your money. Our greatest desire is for you to continue to make eating a local diet a top priority. It is one of the most sustainable actions you can take. So, grow your own food or find a farmer who does. When you purchase food from elsewhere, ask yourself if it is in season and where you can source it locally and if not, can you do without.

For now, Lara and Jim have moved to Longmont and she is working as a gardening/farming consultant, a landscaper and yard-maintenance expert worker bee. If you are interested in hiring her, please submit the "contact us" form. 

We still have our amazing Hemp CBD Oil available through our North Field Farmacy. You can purchase any of our high quality hemp products there and we ship to all 50 states for FREE. You can follow North Field Farmacy on Facebook or Instagram.

What's Happening?

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"The yield and the abundance from North Field Farm has been magic since year one. Those little veggies just want to grow and grow big! The variety is unusual too. I'm amazed at the quality of the produce. I think the farm and the community it is situated in are a match made in heaven."

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