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Lara Miller, owner & farmer

I lived at Nyland Cohousing 2008 - 2023 and have grown food all my life. I was ecstatic to be able to not only grow my own food at Nyland, but to be able to feed the community and the greater community as well. I have a full commitment to growing food sustainably and to teaching others how to grow food as well. The community-based aspect of growing food excites me and I love working with my customers in their garden and seeing their own joy of bringing food forth from the earth. I am also passionate about preserving food through canning, freezing, drying and fermenting and even though the summer farm days are long, I try to find time to "put food by" for the winter months.

These days, I am available for home gardening and small farming consulting. In addition to vegetables, I have a vast knowledge of native and xeric plants for your landscaping and can help you design and install your dream yard (hopefully with some veggies mixed in there!). I am also expert at pruning, planting, and timely clearing of your yard. I love working in a permaculture yard that need to be reined in. 

If you are interested, reach out through the "contact us" form.

"I love everything about North Field Farm - the delicious produce, the beautiful mountain view, the warm and friendly conversations with the other members in the vegetable rows, the huge grin on Farmer Lara's face, the kids helping with the harvest, the dark, wormy soil, the social harvesting and pick up times, and the satisfaction of serving local, healthy food to my family. Farmer Lara is amazing!"     -KC

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